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Tips and Information

View our tips and downloads, where you can find useful tools and formulas that may come in handy.


How to work out and reduce blasting cost per square meter?

Download a ready made costing spreadsheet: ALFACAMP_1

How to compare blasting costs using different abrasives?

Download a ready made spreadsheet to compare costs ALFACAMP_1

How to calculate operating costs and cleaning cost per item or square meter using centrifugal blasting machines

Download our spreadsheet designed to guide you in calculating these costs: Wheel cost

Basic training guide for air blasting operations

Air Blasting with Steel Abrasives.
A Practical Guide to Improving Productivity.
If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.

Download the powerpoint presentation guide: Copy of Air Blasting with Steel Abrasives

How to work out number of square metres on structural steel?

The following is a handy formula used to determine the number of square meters of surface area of irregularly shaped steel articles when the tonnage is known.
Square Meters = (Tons x 254) / Average thickness in mm

How to convert mesh sizes to millimetres?

Download our guide: International Sieve Data

A Guide to ISO 8501_1 Pictorial Standards of Surface Cleanliness

ISO 8501-1 is a Pictorial standards guide (PDF) to surface cleanliness, amongst other methods, though abrasive blasting. The original condition of steel surfaces prior to blasting are depicted in various stages of corrosion as follows.

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