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Swimming Pool Filtration – Crystal Sands ®

Why Crystal Sands?

This product is not your everyday pool filter sand, Crystal Sands is made from recycled glass. You may be wondering about the dangers of using bags of crushed up glass to filter your pool, however Crystal Sands is no more harmful than grabbing a handful of sand. In fact, it is safer than using the standard pool filter sand as it does not contain high levels of heavy metals or free silica and has the ability to filter out debris and microbial particles as small as 10 microns. You are also likely to end up using less chlorine in your pool once you’ve installed Crystal Sands into your pool filter.

Not only is this product beneficial to the environment through the recycling of glass, it also uses less time, energy and, most importantly, water to keep your pool filtered and looking crystal clear and inviting. Crystal Sands lasts well over 10 years in your pool filter, saving you the money and the hassle of changing your pool filter sand too often.

Installation Instructions

Crystal Sands pool filtration media is as easy to install as changing the sand in your pool filter. If you would feel more comfortable leaving it to the professionals, any reputable pool company could easily install your Crystal Sands product for you. Otherwise we’ve laid out a step by step guide which you can view and download below on how to do this yourself.

How many bags do I need?

You do not need as much Crystal Sands in your pool as you would normal Silica Sand. Two 15kg bags of Crystal Sands is the equivalent to one 40kg bag of the average pool silica sand by volume. So you’ll only need 30kg of Crystal Sands for every 40kg of silica sand you would normally use.

Where can I buy Crystal Sands for my pool?

Most pool shops in Cape Town stock Crystal Sands.  If your local supplier does not have stock, please contact our main distributor  Just Salt Swimming Pool Supplies who will advise your nearest stockist. Alternatively, fill in the below form to buy this product directly through the manufacturer, Simple Active Tactics. We’ll send you a free, no obligation quote including delivery to your door (if available).

Crystal Sand Distributors:

Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Just Salt Swimming Pool Supplies


Northern Suburbs, Cape Town

Waterite Swimming Pool Products


Northern Suburbs, Cape TownMagizac Pool Crystals

Milnerton, Sunningdale and Welgelegen, Cape Town

Perfect Pools | Pool Shop


Met-Link Glass Wizdom Supplier

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