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Glass Abrasives

Simple Active Tactics offers top quality glass grit at competitive prices

Glass Abrasives

Glass WhizDom is made in our factory using locally sourced recycled glass. It is a glass grit or abrasive that is lighter, more durable, has a higher surface area and higher purity than silica sand. Cleaned raw material is crushed in equipment designed to produce sharp cubic shaped particles, ideal for abrasive blasting.

Recycled Glass Media

Simple Active Tactics has been working with PG Glass to reduce the amount of waste heading to our landfills. By using recycled glass for our products we’re helping to make our world greener as well as create innovative new sources of abrasives and filtration methods. View our video for more information on our partnership with PG Glass.

Product Data Sheet

View and download the Glass Grit (Glass WhizDom) Product Data Sheet for more information on this products specifications.

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